Sugardarlings requires all orders be placed over the phone or in person at one of our shops. Facebook and e-mail are not an acceptable form of placing an order. We want to ensure your order is placed in time for your special event, so please call within 72 hours prior to your pick up date. We will do our absolute best to try to accommodate any last minute orders, so PLEASE CALL US! Our shop numbers can be found on our contact page. Please keep in mind that our shops open at 11:30am, and all shops are closed on Sundays.

Thinking of holding your next event at Sugardarlings? Click Here for pricing information to rent one of our locations for your next party! We can even accommodate large corporate events and fundraisers! 

Pricing Information

Advance Orders:
$16 per dozen (one flavor choice)
$20 per dozen (two flavor choices)
Custom color options are an additional charge:
$4 for a solid color frosting, or $2 for a color swirl frosting
$20 per dozen assorted (We choose your flavors)
$12 per dozen mini cupcakes (not filled, slightly smaller in size)
*Cannoli, Cocktail, and Gluten-free cupcakes are $24 per dozen!

Cupcake Prices at Each Shop
$2 per cupcake
$2.25 per specialty flavor (Cannoli, Cocktail Flavors, Pecan Pie, Carrot Cake)
$2.50 per gluten free flavor (Not available every day, call to see if available)
$12 for a six pack
$20 for a dozen assorted (You choose from our case!)
Almond Joy
Almond Wedding
Apple Pie
Banana Cream Pie
Bananas Foster
Banana Split
Banana Peanut Butter (Elvis)
Birthday Cake
Black Forrest
Black Raspberry
Blackberry Cobbler
Blueberry Lemon
Blueberry Pancake
Boston Cream Pie
Boston Red
Breakfast Delight
Brown Sugar Cinnamon
Butterscotch Chip
Candy Apple
Caramel Apple
Caramel Latte
Carrot Cake
Chai Tea
Cherry Coke
Chocolate Cheesecake
Good N' Plenty
Honey Lavender
Hostess Cream
Hot Fudge Sundae
Irish Coffee*
Key Lime
Lemon Swirl
Lemon Coconut
Lemon Raspberry
Love Potion
Lucky Charms
Mango Lime
Maple Bacon
Molten Lava
Orange Pineapple
Oatmeal Cookie
Orange Cranberry
Peach Pie
Peanut Butter Jelly
Pecan Pie
Pina Colada
Chocolate Chip
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Chocolate Chocolate
Chocolate Coconut
Chocolate Covered Banana
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Chocolate Cream Pie
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Coconut Cream Pie
Coffee Cake
Cinnamon Roll
Coconut Cream Pie
Coconut Mango
Cookies & Cream
Cookie Monster
Cotton Candy
Creme Brulee
Dirt Cup
​Egg Nog (seasonal)
Exotic Bliss
French Toast
Fruit Cake (seasonal)
Goldielocks & The 3 Bears
Pink Ladies
Pink Lemonade
​Pineapple Mango
Pineapple Right-Side-Up
​Pumpkin (seasonal)
Pumpkin Brulee (seasonal)
Raspberry Merlot
Red Velvet
Rocky Road
Root Beer Float
Sex on the Beach*
Strawberry Milkshake
Strawberry Shortcake
Sugar Cookie
Sweet Potato
Sweet Tea
Vanilla Vanilla
Very Berry
Wasabi Ginger
& MORE!!
These are just a few of our flavors. We are constantly creating new and exciting flavors in our kitchen. If there is something you do not see, please let us know and we will happily bake a batch just for you! All of our cupcakes are filled with something special. Fillings vary depending on the flavor. Please call us if you have any questions. 
Note: Some flavors are seasonal. *Flavors marked may contain alcohol and/or cost extra. Flavors in bold are popular.
PLEASE note: Not all of our flavors can be made into a sugar-free or gluten-free alternative. Please call us to find out more about your options for specialty flavors that are available. We do offer dairy-free on a daily basis (our Chocolate Chocolate cupcakes are made with a non-dairy whipped mousse frosting). Other dairy-free options are available by special orders. All of our cupcakes are baked in a facility where we handle peanuts. If you have a extremely sensitive peanut allergy, please order your cupcakes ahead and we will take EXTRA precautions with your order. Thank you!
Our Love Muffin Flavor List