Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lil' Darling?
We've named our cupcakes our Lil' Darling Cupcakes because they truly are the perfect 3-4 bite size for any time and event! Our shops carry Lil' Darlings on a daily basis in a wide variety of flavors at an affordable price ($1.75 each) and are baked with extra love! Perfect for weddings, birthdays, and any special occasion. Many flavors are filled with our signature fillings. 

"I have an event next week and want cupcakes for it. How early do I need to call in my order?"
We ask 2 full Sugardarlings business days notice for Assorted "We Pick" by the dozen, 
3 full Sugardarlings business days notice for "You Pick" one flavor per dozen, and 
1 week notice for Gluten free cupcakes

"Can I just text/Email/Facebook message you my order? I don't have time to call you or come in."
Unfortunately, no. The phones in the shops do not accept text messages. Calling us or coming in to our shops is the best (and most time efficient) ways to make sure we get your order the way you want it. 

"I'm having a party tomorrow, and realize that I need cupcakes! Can I still call in an order?"
For next day events it is best for you to come in to one of our shops and choose your flavors from our case, however we may still be able to accommodate if you would like us to put together an assortment from our popular flavors.

"I want to order a dozen Lil' Darlings for an event! I want an assortment with two Crème brûlée, two Key Lime Pie...for next week. Can you do that?"
To best answer this question, you need to ask yourself: Is Variety more important or are specific flavors more important?

If Variety is more important, then the "We Pick" Assortment would be best. We'll hand select the most popular flavors of the day for you! You'll have plenty of choices, but this means that you won't get to pick specifically what flavors will be in your assortment.
If specific flavors are more important, (example: "I must have Key Lime Pie!") then you must order by the dozen that one specific flavor. It's the only way to guarantee a specific flavor on a specific day.

Do you have Gluten free options?
Yes! We carry Gluten Free Lil' Darlings in our shops in limited quantities and various flavors, but they're so popular they're hard to keep in stock! You can always special order a dozen of one of your favorite flavors, or an assortment with 1 full week notice. Please be advised that any of our products may contain allergens, including peanuts, gluten, and dairy. Please consider your sensitivity and personal safety in purchasing and ordering.

​Do you have any coupons and/or specials?
There are some coupons in local magazines and school discount cards. We also have "Pop up" Sales and giveaways via our Facebook Page - so be sure to Like, Follow, and check our page often! 
We can be found on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.

"I saw this cupcake design/cupcake cake on Pinterest! Can you make it?"
The answer is....Maybe! :) If you have a particular vision in mind, please bring a picture to our shop or call us to go over options!
We love to accommodate themes if we can, but we do not specialize in custom decorations (like fondant, buttercream roses, handmade candy or chocolate, etc). 
SugarDarlings is known for our moist, flavorful cupcakes and creamy frosting. Sometimes a vision will compromise the integrity of our product, and we just can't make it happen. We are great at offering alternative ideas so you can have our delicious cupcakes and satisfy your theme. It's always best to call to discuss what you're looking for!

What methods of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept Cash, Visa, and MasterCard. For credit cards, we do have a $4 minimum (three or more cupcakes) to charge. We do not accept American Express.